Samling: Smart kamera

To make the cameras the true value-added ones, Milesight has incorporated a variety of industry-leading technologies into one product, catering for the demand in the smart security market.

Behavior Analysis Auto Tracking, Loitering, Object Left, Object Removed
Passing Region Entrance, Region Exiting, Line Crossing
Detection Motion Detection, Advanced Motion Detection, Human Detection, Tamper Detection
Statistics for Market Intelligence Heat Map, People Counting
Privacy Protection PTZ Privacy Mask
Convenient PTZ Control 3D Positioning, Keyboard Control
Intercommunication SIP/VoIP

Smart Functions in All Camera Series

Milesight detail functions of Video Content Analysis

Milesight VCA

With VCA embedded as standard, Milesight cameras support full 10 detection modes, which can alert the operator of detected predefined events automatically to strengthen safety management and to minimize damage through prompt response.