4G Solar-powered Traffic Sensing Camera

4G Solar-powered Traffic Sensing Camera

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  • Radar Triggered Vehicle Capture
  • AI Algorithm for Accurate Focus
  • Low Consumption Technology
  • Solar-powered for Constant Use
  • 4G LTE for Wireless Data Transmission
  • MQTT & HTTP Protocol for Seamless Integration
  • Product VideoUnboxing & HighlightsInstallation & Configuration Tutorial

    Radar & AI Detector,
    Real-time Evidence Catcher

    Equipped with radar triggered and AI technologies, the camera can trigger high-precision snapshot, making vehicle capture more accurate and clear to see details. It provides an efficient way of objective evidence capture for community or police use.

    Low Consumption,
    High Efficiency

    Normally the camera enters a low-power operation state to conserve energy. When a vehicle approaches, the quick start mechanism makes the camera react promptly and take a bunch of pictures with different angle of objects and vehicle trace.

    Solar-powered for
    Sustainable Use

    Let sunshine be your best charger, solar-powered camera can cycle charging to achieve continuous use with a large capacity battery which can last several days even in rainy days.

    Make Data Transfer Wireless, Effortless

    Thanks to 4G LTE, the camera can transmit snapshots quickly without wiring hassles even in isolated and distant areas, greatly achieving both flexibility and stability.

    Compatible with
    Third-party Platform

    The camera can be connected to any third-party platform with MQTT & HTTP protocol to achieve deep-learning functions like license plate smart search and instant notifications on multiple devices, etc.

    Quick Configuration
    on Mobile Device

    Thanks to its Wi-Fi connectivity, setting up our camera is a breeze. Simply connecting to the camera's Wi-Fi, our camera's user-friendly design makes it easy for anyone to use and deploy quickly. We have also prepared a tutorial video. Click here to watch.

    Unique Structure Design

    Reshaping and redefining what a camera can be, Milesight developed the wire-free camera with an innovative appearance that realizes a high-concealment, and still maintain a decent and practical design language.

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